A Click Away From Core Issues For Spices

A Click Away From Core Issues For Spices

The royal treatment: Recipes sure to please Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday - Toledo Blade

And a woman with very simple tastes, from fashion to food. Darren McGrady, a caterer in Dallas, worked for the royal family for 15 years and has said that Queen Elizabeth is not particularly a foodie, to use the term du jour. She eats to live while Prince Philip is the one who lives to eat, McGrady once said in an interview with the website Recipes-Plus.com . Her Majestys days usually begin with bowls of Corn Flakes or Special K cereal, along with some fruit; she particularly enjoys the summertime strawberries at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Sometimes she will eat a breakfast that includes a boiled egg served with toast and marmalade, along with Darjeeling tea. Queen Elizabeth doesnt like strong flavors like onion or garlic, and prefers her meat to be well done rather than rare. She also chooses to avoid starches pasta and potatoes. Today we the royal we, that is are offering three recipes that are fit for a queen, despite their seeming simplicity. Queen Elizabeth IIs Drop Scones which were served to President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie, on their visit to meet the queen in 1959. THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH Enlarge | Buy This Photo Coronation chicken was served at the banquet after Elizabeths formal installation as Queen of England on June 2, 1953.


In Honor Of The Month Of LOVE, Members Were Asked To Share Foods That Fit This Month’s Heart-shaped” Theme.

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