Useful Guidelines For Locating Key Issues In Traveling

Useful Guidelines For Locating Key Issues In Traveling

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Make sure that you bring your medications. In the rush to pack and leave on a trip, many times people will forget to take along key items such as medications. You won't be able to get the medication you may need.

In Space, the big challenge was capturing the physicality of the character, he says. For someone whos only lived on Mars, where gravity is about one-third of that on Earth, to then return to Earth and do the simplest things would be incredibly difficult, he says. It would affect the way you move, walk, everything. Heres a little Martian Biology 101, for those who may be rusty. A woman on Mars who weighs, say, 120 pounds would come to Earth and blam! suddenly weigh about 320. A 185-pound guy on Mars leaps to nearly 500 pounds here.

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